Thank You, God, For Giving Us a Second Chance

Thank You, God, For Giving Us a Second Chance

There is in all the Universe, including in people, a balancing power for the good at work. This balancing power causes a readjustment and healing to take place after people have wandered away from that which is best for them.

In history, and Bible symbology, we are shown that every time people have wandered away from the path of their good, they experience a reaction that leads them back to a saner point of view. It is through this process that people ever evolve into their divine heritage or greater good.

“In the Bible the word “LORD” not only means the Supreme Being, but it can also mean the Law of Mind Action whereby people reap as a result of what they have previously sown through their thoughts and actions.” ~ Catherine Ponder

So we have an opportunity right now to use mind action by visualizing healing light surrounding our planet and restoring her back to balance. We visualize all people protecting the animals, the soil, the air and the water.

May we never forget what we have learned during this time of isolation so that we never repeat the same mistakes. May we meet the Dawn of the New Earth with our heightened consciousness and never go back to sleep. As we close our visualization in Gratitude for this greater potential, for this greater Love we call God, we thank you for giving us a second chance.

We will do better this time.