Returning to Innocence

Returning to Innocence

What if you could un-see things that happened to you in your life — experiences that formed an unconscious opinion in your mind and blocked you from living fully expressed. A ‘Returning to Innocence’…a personal journey leaving behind the meaning that you have given to your life’s circumstances that has made you feel stuck and nervous. For instance, it could be a heart-breaking relationship that broke your heart and left you feeling like no one will ever love you.

As we grow older and have more experiences, although our lives can have many blessings, the cut of trauma can clip our wings from flying as high as we once did.

Recently, I vacationed in Mexico and experienced a trauma there that unearthed my unhealed cell memory. As my fight-or-flight response was triggered in a country far from my children and my family, I closed my eyes and asked God, “What is it that I really want to regain in my life that I can’t access in this moment?” The word INNOCENCE appeared in my mind and I worked with that sense of innocence and planted it in my heart since that moment.

Join me on this healing journey as we return to our own sense of innocence.

In Love & Light,