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‘God-Centered Attention’ at Unity of Boulder (11-12-23)

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From A Course In Miracles Workbook, (Lesson 29).

“God is in everything I see.”  This Truth was written around 1975, by dictation of Christ Consciousness to Helen Schucman.  The following Truth was written by the disciple Thomas, who received it from the Chrsit Consciousness some 2000 years ago.

“They said to him, ‘Tell us who you are so that we may believe in you.’  He said to themn, ‘You examine the face of the heavens and the earth, and yet do not know what is in front of your face nor do you know how to discern this present time. If you leave a piece of wood I am there. Lift up any stone, I am there.’

(In short, Jesus is speaking as the Universal Christ when he states ‘He’ is everywhere present.)

As the ‘Course’ states, you probably find this idea of the Omnipresence of God difficult to grasp.  You may think it impossible, absurd, senseless and objectionable. Certainly, you may object, but what ever shares the Universal Awareness is part of God.  Learning this, opens the mind to the fact that, ‘Everything I see is Divine, is sacred.’

At Unity of Boulder’s 9AM MST Sunday Group Meditaiton & Satsang, we will experience the life prospering purpose of God Centered Attention.

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