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Ep. 40 Forgiveness

Join Shad & Melissa with special guest Linda Chubbuck as we delve into the concept of forgiveness. Can you forgive someone in the midst of hurt? What happens to the negative energy during resentment? What about forgiveness on a global scale? Does that require some sort of societal or cultural forgiveness as well? Also – Melissa & Shad could have nearly been sidetracked for an entire hour regarding grain elevators.

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Ep. 27 Everything you wanted to know about sleep

Ep. 27 – Everything you wanted to know about sleepWith special guest Damiana Corca, Shad & Melissa try to understand sleep. We spend an hour asking her all the questions we could think of. Do you have more? Is there truth to ‘unrestful sleep comes from an unrestful soul?’ and other sayings Melissa makes up to sound profound? What are the top 5 tips she gives for people struggling with sleep and how has she redefined insomnia in her new

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Ep. 25 Workplace Spirituality

Should we be discussing religion or spirituality in the workplace? What is this movement called workplace spirituality? Isn’t it just treating people like people? Or is there something deeper in terms of giving employees meaning, value and purpose?

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