‘Your Soul’s Purpose In All The Earth’ 9 am service

‘Your Soul’s Purpose In All The Earth’ 9 am service

Most people say of our present world circumstances, “These are the times that try people’s souls.” But in fact, these challenging times arrive to awaken us to our soul’s purpose in the earth.
Attend either the 9AM or 11AM MST Unity Services on Sunday and realize the error in Christian thought that has deprived multi-millions of realizing the Truth that would free them of suffering.

Attend our Sunday Services in person or WATCH LIVE at unityofboulder.com .

At Unity we advocate developing a strong and regular spiritual practice to balance your spiritual life with everyday working commitments during the week. One of these practices is meditation. Meditation is a helpful skill and enduring way to align and balance yourself in preparation for the demands of daily commitments and help in your efforts to be present for your family and create peace for yourself.

As Promised,
Jack Groverland

If you enjoy this service and are spiritually fed by it, please consider giving a one-time or recurring donation to Unity here: https://unityofboulder.com/donate/
Thank you for supporting Unity of Boulder!

Our Youth Program for All Ages gathers in person at 10:45AM.

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