‘Your Boss, Your Subconscious Mind’

‘Your Boss, Your Subconscious Mind’

Spiritual Talk Given by Jack Groverland

THIS WEEK: “Your Boss, Your Subconscious Mind”
Experts in the field of psychology claim that 95% of an average adult’s actions and reactions in life are generated by his/her subconscious mind. It’s the reason why we can consciously decide not to say or do something that we used to say or do, and find ourselves saying and doing it anyway.

In short, your subconscious mind is the storehouse of your repetitive thinking and beliefs, which often pop out unintentionally. The subconscious is also the storehouse of good habits and bad habits, of blessings and long held grievances. This is why we need a ‘tried and true’ way to heal ourselves of negative physical conditions resulting from negative and limited beliefs.

This will be accomplished in this live stream video.

At Unity we advocate developing a strong and regular spiritual practice to balance your spiritual life with everyday working commitments during the week. One of these practices is meditation. Meditation is a helpful skill and enduring way to align and balance yourself in preparation for the demands of daily commitments and help in your efforts to be present for your family and create peace for yourself.

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