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“Truth, Freedom & Unnecessary Suffering” – Unity of Boulder – 1st service

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The word ‘free’ is used a lot in people’s conversations, as everyone in the world is dealing with some inconvenience, problem, difficulty, pain and suffering. Thus, when a Master speaks about the Truth making one free, he is referring to all the suffering people impose on themselves, which constitutes about 98% of all the suffering in life. I often refer to such suffering as ‘useless, unnecessary suffering’ and it is the result of the false concept of self, instilled in people since birth. Here’s Master Eckhart Tolle speaking to this false self concept in The Power of Now, pg. 54-44.

“Some people get angry when they hear me say that problems are illusions. I am threatening to take away their sense of who they are. They have invested much time in a false sense of self. For many years, they have unconsciously defined their whole identity in terms of their problems or their suffering. Who would they be without it?

A great deal of what people say, think or do is actually motivated by fear, which of course is always linked with having your focus on the future and being out of touch with the Now. As there are no problems in the Now, there is no fear either.

Should a situation arise that you need to deal with now, your action will be clear and incisive if it arises out of present-moment awareness. It is also more likely to be effective. It will not be a reaction coming from the past conditioning of your mind but an intuitive response to the situation. In other instances, when the time-bound mind would have reacted, you will find it more effective to do nothing–just stay centered in the Now.”

This Sunday, at Unity of Boulder’s 9AM Meditation & Satsang AND the 11AM MST Spiritual Experience Service, we will share the Truth that will Free your mind from the false self concept and all ‘useless, unnecessary suffering.

As Promised,
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