Unity of Boulder Spiritual Community

The Talk I Would Give to My Younger Self

This is a talk that I would want to give my children when they have reached an age in their life when they begin asking the BIG, scary questions like: “Why am I here?”, “Does God know how alone I feel?”, “Does Spirit have a plan for me?”, “Where do I go from here?”
I will address these questions from the vantage point of where I stand now — looking back on my life, the turbulent and unnecessary suffering endured through a challenged self-esteem and an ego-centric view that said “I was everything”.
If I knew then what I know now, I would have leaned upon my rich spiritual upbringing so much more, not buying into what the world said I should be doing for love, success and happiness. I would have learned not to speak to what is missing in my life and claimed that whatever I wanted was, and is, on its way — believing that it is on its way. 
The more we harmonize with what is on its way to us, the more we will create a pleasing atmosphere within, staying in the center of that innate knowing. 
Notice the dream you are living now. Let gratitude be the catapult for more beauty to manifest in your life. When you realize you are already complete and whole, the journey becomes much softer and you will experience reflections of your completeness around you and eradicate reflections of your brokenness. Everything you see in yourself, you are seeing in others — whether it is judgment or love, it is a reflection of how you see yourself.
You are complete. You are whole, right now. There is nothing outside of you that can complete you. God sees you and is looking at her expression as you and is overjoyed! What a beautiful sight!
Awaken to your inner connection to everything. Become congruent with the laws of the Universe and cultivate a practice which will help you directly apply it for a more fulfilling life!
If you know a friend or family member who you feel could use this message, please invite them to watch this talk!
In Love & Light,