Unity of Boulder Spiritual Community

‘The Path to Love’

Practicing the Kind of Love You Aspire to Receive.

In order to expand and transmute the love you experience now into unconditional love, you need to involve a spiritual element. There is a path to unconditional love, as with any spiritual aspiration, and on this path there is a beginning, middle and end. Let me describe each a little to give you an idea of how the path unfolds.

Beginning: You see yourself as wanting and needing love, usually more than you are receiving. You feel insecure about being lovable, but your ego is there to boost you (or not).

Middle: When you aspire to a higher kind of love, ego and neediness begin to count for much less. You feel that love can be a healing force that binds everyone. You can love someone else without needing anything from him or her.

End: When all limitations are left behind, love becomes unconditional. You feel that it emerges from a spiritual source inside yourself. This is more than a feeling; you’ve tapped into a universal aspect of Being. No longer do you have a personal stake in the people you love. Some of the above exerpts, are written by Deepak Chopra.

And it all starts within you. You can’t force it into happening. You can’t beg it into being. You can’t change anyone else to love you the way that you desire. If you don’t feel loved, or loveable, you have not practiced the kind of love you aspire to receive.

The first step in healing is to look inside and let the process of releasing begin. Healing can proceed along many avenues. One great avenue is to spend an hour each Sunday at Unity, to explore, to remember and fully embrace the love that you are –a reflection in the mirror of all the other loves that have embraced this kind of love within. This is the love that you can “Trust”. This is the love you can relax into. This is the beginning of your personal journey of falling in love with yourself, completely and truly. And only then absolutely everything else in your life will heal.

Join Syntysche at Unity this Sunday at 11am, for one of the most important sermons, she has ever given, up to this point.

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Every Sunday at Unity of Boulder Spiritual Center we strive to bring you a personal healing & empowering Universal Spiritual Experience that embraces the commonalities of all walks of faith on the spiritual path. We embrace the true spirit of compassion and the universal truths of love and acceptance while preserving the free will of the everyday pilgrim on
the spiritual path.

In Love & Light,

Syntysche has been teaching life changing Prosperity Classes for over 25 years, and is the Senior Minister of Unity.