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“The Healing Truth Never Fails!” A Spiritual Experience at Unity of Boulder (8-13-23) – 11 AM service

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THIS WEEK: A Spiritual Talk & Guided Meditation Given by Jack Groverland
“This Healing Truth Never Fails: Where Is Your Faith?”
I sometimes ask someone facing a serious health challenge, “Where is your faith?” And I will receive a number of answers, most of which are half hearted wishes like:
“My faith is in my healing.”
“My faith is in my prayer for healing.”
Here then, is the TRUTH most people don’t really understand, if they are still struggling with their illness. And for their answer to my question about their faith to be correct, it would have to be just this to be true.
“I gave my faith to my doctor.”
Did you?
Today, you will be given back your healing faith. The most difficult part of your healing requires turning your mind over to your Creator. I will show you how. Tune in & Experience the path to true healing.

Every Sunday at Unity of Boulder Spiritual Center we bring you a personal healing & empowering experience that embraces the commonalities of all walks of faith. We embrace the true spirit of compassion and the universal truths of love and acceptance, while honoring the free will of the every pilgrim on the spiritual path.

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