Rescue Your Child

Rescue Your Child

“Rescue Your Child,” by Jack Groverland.

We have all fallen into the world, by choice perhaps. In childhood, we were charmed by each new moment as it presented itself. Back then, we weren’t caught up in worries about the future or mistakes of the past. We were awake in the here and now, open to play at any opportunity and enthralled with all the wonders of the world.

As we grew up however, we got hoodwinked into believing that life is “serious” business only, and we are personally responsible to figure it out. Seeking relief, we have attempted to replace our lost wonder and joy with all kinds of entertainment, which does not inspire or evoke personal abandonment to the game of life. We’ve come to take life all too seriously, which isolates the mind from the Divine Oneness and Joy which gives us permission to let our hair down, walk in the Spring rain, sing in the morning and dance to the music in our hearts.

Through a simple meditation, I share with you in this Sermon, you will rediscover the open-hearted way of living.

As promised, 
Jack Groverland


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