Removing the Blocks to Love’s Presence

Removing the Blocks to Love’s Presence

You cannot win the war against the world, if you cannot win the war against your own mind, against your own illusionary based projections. 

Metaphysical meaning of the world: A state of consciousness formed through the belief in the reality of things external. It leads one to follow standards of living based on man’s opinions rather than on Truth. The world is overcome by our denying that it has any power over us and affirming freedom in Christ consciousness (Charle’s Filmore’s “A Metaphysical Bible”). 

Harboring lazy thoughts and feelings towards yourself and others creates unnecessary anguish, because we are building a case towards separation with our brothers and sisters. We are ripped from the spiritual tide of love that is moving in and through us at all times. This way of living is the hard, dreary, and unnecessary way. Only a disconnected heart can let us live in all this anguish and fear. In this sermon, you’ll learn the much much easier way!


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