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People thought Jesus didn’t respect the old law because He fulfilled it so easily and He did such amazing things. Sight was restored to the blind, hungry multitudes were miraculously fed, even the dead were brought back to life. Everywhere He went, He left a trail of puzzling miracles in His wake.

Jesus accepted prophetic vision and declared, “Now is the time!”, not only for his own demonstration but to show all of us our own innate potential for demonstration.

This is the Season for making miracles happen (The Birth of Christ Within). Why not make this the Christmas to remember? After embarking on the 2023 journey for a new vision of an expanded life, how about claiming this time for your moment of reckoning and putting into action all you have discovered and learned by bringing into visibility all that is yours to claim. If Jesus could do it, so can you!

Join us at Unity of Boulder this Sunday at 11AM MST, for a powerful and inspiring Talk given by Sytnsyche, along with an incredible music performance by acapella vocal duo “Alietheia Rising”, Sierra Samuel & Dinah Snow. You won’t want to miss it!

In Love & Light


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