Mindlessness Versus Mindfulness

Mindlessness Versus Mindfulness

Ever noticed how your mental chatter goes on endlessly, jumping from one subject to another like a monkey jumping from branch to branch–how you can get lost in memories, create fantasies or act out dramas? Such is our ‘normal’ state of being. Mindlessness comes in many shapes and forms, affecting everything we do, from being unaware of our feelings to pouring maple syrup on the floor (our ‘oopsie’ moments).

But, we can actually begin watching mindlessness, as the observer. We can even have “mindlessness awareness” moments. This will lead to mindful awareness, which is essential if we are to truly relax. In other words, by becoming aware of what challenges us, we can wake up to the present moment. And remember to always take yourself lightly!

This Sunday, I will give you the tools you need to identify and come into this state of awareness and maintain your mindful awareness everyday. Because as we already know, our the health benefits to our physical, mental and spiritual being is invaluable!

See you Sunday,
Ed Shapiro

Ed Shapiro has been teaching mindful relaxation – Yoga Nidra – for many years, having trained in India as a swami. His new book is: THE ART OF MINDFUL RELAXATION: The Heart of Yoga Nidra. www.edanddebshapiro.com


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