If You Would Just Believe

If You Would Just Believe

In a world where we have been taught that we have to see it to believe it, you don’t realize that this very statement from educators, parents, etc, is one of the greatest handicaps to your advancement on your spiritual path.

If I told you that on the other side of your secret fear, or your secret longing, is a powerful journey to lasting happiness, health and prosperity – would you do whatever it took to get there?

George Bernard Shaw once said, “God has given us a world that nothing but our own folly keeps from being a paradise.”

Now that Prosperity season is in the house at Unity of Boulder, I have been guided to bring to you a sermon this Sunday, Oct. 20th that will give you some of the powerful and applicable tools I will be teaching in my upcoming Prosperity class starting Oct. 23rd.

If you are ready to redirect an area in your life that is no longer serving you; if you are ready to choose yourself and love yourself enough to stop attracting unnecessary agony and obstacles; if you want a second chance at good health, intelligence, finances and love, then listen to this Sermon!

Your Friend on the Path,

Syntysche Groverland


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