How Do You Prove God?

How Do You Prove God?

A Minister’s Panel discussing “How Do You Prove God?” with Ministers Jack, Syntysche & Shad Groverland.

Since the beginning of time, humans have pondered and investigated the possibility of an intelligent creator, a creator we in Unity call God. This Sunday the Unity of Boulder ministry team will have a panel discussion about whether it is possible to prove God or not… and does it matter?

Let’s explore this question together…
Is there a God? Is it Source, Energy, Spirit, Goddess or God?

What if I’ve never questioned if there was a “God”?

My loved ones are aethiests…how do I handle this situation?

Is it my responsibility to Prove God???

Where does this topic lead you?
Join us this Sunday to delve deeper into this topic and other questions that arise from it.

In this sermon, we discuss the experiences of people that have gone through near-death experiences, and how grace lifted people during the greatest suffering they had ever known. We share testimonials of things that happen that are beyond coincidence, leaving doubt behind…


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