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One of the major flaws in human consciousness is the mind’s willingness to take things for granted. Some honest introspection will reveal to you how much in your life you take for granted. And the consequences of this flaw is that you grow complacent and dull.

Such is especially unfortunate in personal relationships when one takes for granted his/her long term partner or spouse. When did the welcome home kiss disappear when your partner returns after a day at work. When did the occasional gift or back-rub disappear–and the question, “How was your day?” And your parents, when was your last call to them?

The ‘take-for-granted’ flaw affects everything, even your pets, way too often. If we are involved with the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, we are made aware that feeling gratitude for the many blessings in our lives heals body, mind and soul. Tolle includes gratitude and thanks even for inanimate objects that bring advantages and blessings to our lives; like the car, computer and the many modern conveniences once in awhile. Overall, such specific acts of gratitude open the mind to its Divine Essential Nature of Love.

At Unity of Boulder’s 9am MST Meditation and Satsang this Sunday we will share in the secret yoga of personal transformation. (Each Service is accompanied by a guided meditation and followed by a group discussion in Fellowship Hall).

As Promised,
Jack Groverland

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Every Sunday at Unity of Boulder Spiritual Center we bring you a personal healing & empowering experience that embraces the commonalities of all walks of faith. We embrace the true spirit of compassion and the universal truths of love and acceptance, while honoring the free will of the every pilgrim on the spiritual path.