‘Gratitude: A Life Healing Power’ The Miracle Shirt Revealed at Unity of Boulder – Live

‘Gratitude: A Life Healing Power’ The Miracle Shirt Revealed at Unity of Boulder – Live

What anyone truly and deeply believes determines his/her personal perceptions of life, which seem to cause what they feel and believe–a viscous circle. Thus, seeing is not believing, but believing is seeing.

Therefore, if a person sets his/her mind on appreciation and gratitude, faking such if necessary, soon enough life will be manifesting appreciation and gratitude.
At Unity’s 9AM MST Sunday Service we will learn to apply the healing power of gratitude.

As Promised,
Jack Groverland

P.S. We provide safe, AMA approved UVC sanitized seating for those who attend in person.
WATCH LIVE on line at unityofboulder.com

Our Children’s, Youth & Teen Program for all ages gathers in person at 10:45am. Newcomers are always welcome!

Thank you.

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Unity of Boulder is a progressive Christian church center that embraces diversity, community, acceptance and the Truth of Love that unites all of us.

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