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“Freedom From Attachment”. This statement may seem that your wanting for something more is missing the spiritual ideal. However, if you were to come to understand, that by freeing yourself of attachments you immediately align with the one, true, powerful energy that produces and gives you all of your good.

When the heart opens, it is filled with love.. And its ability to give and receive is no longer based on anything external. It gives without thought of return, because giving is the greatest gift. And it receives, not for itself alone, but that others may experience the gift too. -Paul Ferrini

The laws of this world no longer limit men or women whose heart is open. And so miracles happen, not through any special activity, but merely as an extension of love itself.

When we free ourselves of the cumbersome, heavy load of our fear based wanting, we align with the nature of God here in this moment. For in the Mind of God is all that is innocent and all that is giving. It cannot withhold its supply from you, for you are part of it. It knows you not separate. Like a parent looking upon its only child, it looks upon you with steadfast love and affection.

“Reach out and receive these gifts,” it calls to you. The unconditional love of God surrounds you.

Join Syntysche for a heart opening Inspirational Talk this Sunday at 11AM MST. Invite your friends, neighbors and family members. This Talk embraces a spiritual message that will resonate within the hearts and minds of all people.

Inspirational Singer, Marcy Baruch will be our special music this Sunday! You won’t want to miss this wonderful experiential service.

In Love & Light,

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