Everything is Happening For Me

Everything is Happening For Me

“Everything Is Happening For Me,” by Syntysche Groverland.

“We have the key to life; and that key is the knowledge that life is a state of consciousness. The explanation of all your problems, the explanation of your difficulties, and the explanation of your triumphs in life boil down to this: life is a state of consciousness. That is the beginning and the end. That is the final step in metaphysics. All the other steps but lead up to that.” -Emmet Fox

The journey of opening up to this higher consciousness isn’t necessarily easy, because we have to take to task our own thoughts and feelings towards our own relationship towards the outer world and most importantly our inner world. We have to look at the grievances we are holding towards ourselves and others, we have to look at the feelings we are holding towards our own jobs, marriage, children, parents, friends, etc. None of these relationships are exempt, because they are perfectly in place to nudge us to go within and grow our faith and trust in this honorable Universe. When we stop seeing our problems as being caused by something “out there,” or thinking that anyone or anything is responsible for our suffering, then we let go of our victimhood and start the forgiveness process, the healing process.

I read an excerpt from The Science of Mind Magazine that said, “It is like the layers of an onion; the healing work we do in our hearts and minds often has many levels.”

Within these levels are the key to our happiness, clarity, prosperity and well being.

Your friend on the path,
Syntysche Groverland


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