Dear Surrender, I’m Ready!

Dear Surrender, I’m Ready!

There is a voice that will speak through you when you are willing to relinquish control. There is a spiritual walk that will carry you to an awareness territory, where the mind is quiet and the heart is revered.

“Your willingness is all I ask, my sweet, sweet child. Tell me what it is that keeps you up at night, I will settle your fears. Come to me, I want to get closer to you, but I can only be as close to you, to the extent that you are willing to let me in. Rest into the beauty that is all around you sweet one, you can find me in the breeze, in the chirp of those birds outside your window, I am in the smile on your fur-baby’s face.

Your faith in every symbol I show you will awaken the path that the symbol means to you. If you can just trust that everything you are witnessing on the miraculous levels are real, I laid them down before you. I know you are ready, I have been patiently waiting.” ~ Spirit.

In this video, Minister Syntysche speaks about learning to flow with God’s perfect currents for identifiable healing and good change–how to lean into every Spirit-sent sign and symbol for direct planting into your bountiful unfoldment.