Bridging the Two Realms

Bridging the Two Realms

Learning to bridge the two realms, the spiritual and the physical, is a balancing act of letting go and holding on.

“Human suffering is universal. It started in the days of Adam and Eve and continues today, in your life and mine. All of us feel fear, shame, and various forms of physical or psychological pain.” – Paul Ferrini

Pain has a purpose, but its purpose is not to punish, its purpose is to awaken the Soul. Pain is a wake-up call and it is a doorway to transformation. If we truly want to get past it, we have to go through it.

There are myriad ways, invented by man, to avoid it. Lots of ways to keep distracted from it. And the longer you keep yourself from facing it, the steeper the road is to climb.

When we can put the distractions aside and choose the contemplative, soul awakening practice of presence, we become witness to what the Soul is trying to tell us, instead of aimlessly following the doubting ego into the realm of darkness and despair.

“Adam and Eve in their original creation were in spiritual illumination. Spirit breathed into them continually the necessary inspiration and knowledge to give them superior understanding. But they began eating, or appropriating, ideas of two powers – God and not God, or good and evil. The result, so the allegory relates, was that they fell away from the spiritual life and all that it involves.” (From the Metaphysical Dictionary).

In this Sermon, Syntysche takes you on a journey inward identifying which side you are feeding. The battle and discord of this world, untethered to the creator? Or the contemplative, soul awakening practice of keeping God close in mind, body and spirit?


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