Awakening Your Inner Mystic

Awakening Your Inner Mystic

When I was a kid, I would go to the neighbor’s house, knock on the door and ask a friend, “Can you come out and play?”  If the answer was ‘yes’ then we would launch off into a new adventure of wonder and delight.   We lived in a neighborhood that was shaped like a horseshoe just up the street from Unity of Boulder and our neighborhood was filled with big overgrown trees, loving neighbors and lots of kids that ran in a pack enjoying all the seasons together.  We made mud-pies and swung like Tarzan from handfuls of Weeping Willow limbs. We rode our bikes and roller-skated, helped in our families’ gardens and camped in each other’s backyard during the Summer.  It felt like we were a soul-family of kids that chose to enter this world together at the same time, through our separate parents without them knowing.   Boulder was a wonderful place then.  It was a hippie community with more crystal shops than grocery stores.  All of us were raised with some sort of spiritual upbringing and although it differed in philosophy, we all seemed to have a similar spiritual language.   We were all taught that we were so much more than just human beings.  We were encouraged from an early age to discover our spiritual super powers, to follow our hunches and intuition.  We were taught that whatever we looked upon in our mind’s eye, we would manifest.  We all had strengths in different areas.  My strength was a love affair with nature and a knack for feeling other peoples feelings.  I listened to the messages from the trees and animals and I was encouraged by my family to do so.  I didn’t know it then, but I know now, that we were a group of young mystics, playing about, not realizing the gifts we were gathering would bless us throughout our entire lives.  We all walked around with an immediate sense of the presence of God–and it was magical.   As I remember the heart connection we all had as kids, something has come into focus for me.  My calling has never been to just practice the Presence of God for myself alone.  My calling is to remind others of this Presence of God that is innately within them as well.  It gives me great pleasure to witness the moment when someone remembers their true nature.  That’s when I am reminded that this is why I am here.   I may have run with a pack of adorable child-mystics, but along my journey I discovered everyone has an inner mystic.  So, I am knocking at your door and asking…”CAN YOU COME OUT AND PLAY?”


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