Answering The Call

Answering The Call

Calls, of course, beg the question “Who, or what, is calling?”  But in attempting to answer this question even an exhaustive list of every name for Soul or Destiny or God would be beside the point.. It simply doesn’t matter whether we call it God, the Patterning Intelligence, the Design Mind, the Unconscious, the Soul, or simply “Life’s longing for itself,” as Kahlil Gibran envisioned.

Primarily this force announces the need for change, and the response for which it calls is an awakening of some kind.  A call is a monologue.  A return call, a response, creates a dialogue. – Greg Levoy

Sometimes the Call is faint and although you may feel the inner urging for a more Divine direction, it’s easy to stay distracted by the busyness of life and can make it difficult to discover which way to turn to meet this call.  In a way, this is where your spiritual faith comes in.  It’s about Standing in the all knowing that there is nothing that can stop you from the unfoldment of your Divine Potential.  Unfortunately, we often simply tune out the longings we feel because we fear what they might demand of us in pursuing them.


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