“A Vaccine For The Soul”

“A Vaccine For The Soul”

From ‘A Course In Miracles’ (ACIM,Old Text) pg. 203–New Edition, pg. 218:
“Miracles are merely the translation of denial into truth. If to love oneself is to heal oneself, those who are sick do not love themselves. Therefore, they are asking for the love that would heal them, but which they are denying to themselves. If they knew the truth about themselves they could not be sick. The task of the miracle worker thus becomes to deny the denial of truth. The sick must heal themselves, for the truth is in them. Yet having obscured it, the light in another mind must shine into theirs because that light is theirs. The light in them shines as brightly regardless of the density of the fog that obscures it. If you give no power to the fog to obscure the light, it has none. For it has power only if (the mind) gives power to it.” Through spiritual alignment with the soul self the mind can be purified of all false notions of life.

Today’s Special Guest Musician is Singer Song Writer Paul Teerlinck.
Visit Paul’s website at: https://www.reverbnation.com/paulteerlinck


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