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Vida Illuminada sin Muerte

Las lecturas de Edgar Cayce establecen que debemos continuar entrando y saliendo de la experiencia física de la vida terrenal hasta que superemos la muerte. ¿Y que? ¿Qué quiso decir exactamente Jesús cuando dijo: “Cualquiera que escuche mis palabras y las haga, nunca verá la muerte”? Exploraremos el enfoque probado y verdadero de la vida inmortal, revelado por los Maestros a lo largo de los siglos. Traducción de Rosa Estrada.

Enlightened Deathless Living

Edgar Cayce’s readings state that we must continue to cycle in and out of the physical earth-life experience until we overcome death. Then what? What exactly did Jesus mean when he said, “Anyone who hears my words and does them, will never see death”? We will explore the one tried and true approach to the deathless life, revealed by the Masters down through the ages. 

A Search for God

Learn how to recognize when Spirit is communicating with you and how to listen deeply and open your mind in order to experience it. Life experiences, time, and an open heart and mind are what expand your spiritual toolbox. Syntysche takes you on an exciting journey into the phenomenal — into the lives of people who witness the miraculous, who peek through the veil between life and physical death. In some cases, the experience will change the whole course of…