"Jesus" Tagged Videos

"Jesus" Tagged Videos

Ep.7 White Beard & White Blob

In Episode 7 we interview Melissa’s daughters, Sydney and Brooklyn, on what spirituality and faith looks like in thier lives. They lead us on a journey that ranges from “what is God?” to death and the afterlife. Of course Rev. Shad and Irrev. Melissa add their usual wisdom and comedic banter along the way.. #God #Jesus #Christ #Christianity #Children #podcast #christianPodcast #nondenominational #progressivechristian #progressivechristianity #unity #interfaith

Our Personal Journey to Jerusalem

Let’s talk about Palm Sunday. Instead of reviewing the historical events leading up to Jesus’ “triumphal entry into Jerusalem,” we will dive into the deeper meaning of this event and its relevance for us as spiritual seekers today.

Nuestro viaje personal a Jerusalén

Hablemos del domingo de Ramos. En lugar de revisar los eventos históricos que llevaron a la “entrada triunfal de Jesús en Jerusalén”, nos sumergiremos en el significado más profundo de este evento y su relevancia para nosotros como buscadores espirituales en la actualidad. Traducción por Rosa Estrada.