Videos by Syntysche Groverland (Page 2)

Videos by Syntysche Groverland (Page 2)

YO SOY: moldeando tu propia realidad

“YO SOY” son dos de las palabras más poderosas, porque lo que ponen después de ellas dan forma a su realidad. Está escrito en el Diccionario Bíblico Metafísico: “El YO SOY es el nombre metafísico del ‘yo espiritual’, tal como se distingue del yo humano. Uno está gobernado por el Espíritu, el otro por voluntad personal. YO SOY es eterno, sin principio o final: la verdadera persona espiritual que Dios hizo a su imagen y semejanza “. Si tomamos un…

I Am: Shaping Your Own Reality

“I AM” are two of the most powerful words, for what you put after them shape your reality. It is written in the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary: “The I AM is the metaphysical name of the ‘spiritual self,’ as distinguished from the human self. One is governed by Spirit, the other by personal will. I AM is eternal, without beginning or ending: the true spiritual person whom God made in His image and likeness.” If we take a moment and meditate…

Un Regreso a la Inocencia

¿Qué pasaría si pudiera des-ver las cosas que le sucedieron en su vida? Experiencias que formaron una opinión inconsciente en su mente y le impidieron vivir plenamente expresado. Un ‘Regreso a la Inocencia’ … un viaje personal que deja atrás el significado que le has dado a las circunstancias de tu vida que te ha hecho sentir estancado y nervioso. Por ejemplo, podría ser una relación desgarradora que rompió tu corazón y te dejó con la sensación de que nadie…

Returning to Innocence

What if you could un-see things that happened to you in your life — experiences that formed an unconscious opinion in your mind and blocked you from living fully expressed. A ‘Returning to Innocence’…a personal journey leaving behind the meaning that you have given to your life’s circumstances that has made you feel stuck and nervous. For instance, it could be a heart-breaking relationship that broke your heart and left you feeling like no one will ever love you. As…

Buscando a Dios

Aprenda cómo reconocer cuándo el Espíritu se está comunicando con usted y cómo escuchar profundamente y abrir su mente para experimentarlo. Las experiencias de la vida, el tiempo y un corazón y una mente abiertos son lo que amplía su caja de herramientas espirituales. Syntysche te lleva a un emocionante viaje hacia lo fenomenal, a las vidas de las personas que presencian lo milagroso, que se asoman por el velo entre la vida y la muerte física. En algunos casos,…

A Search for God

Learn how to recognize when Spirit is communicating with you and how to listen deeply and open your mind in order to experience it. Life experiences, time, and an open heart and mind are what expand your spiritual toolbox. Syntysche takes you on an exciting journey into the phenomenal — into the lives of people who witness the miraculous, who peek through the veil between life and physical death. In some cases, the experience will change the whole course of…

Awakening Your Inner Warrior

Ask yourself these questions: Where am I…What time is it…What am I in this moment… and watch this exhilarating talk. Find out what these questions mean and how they can change your life.

If You Would Just Believe

In a world where we have been taught that we have to see it to believe it, you don’t realize that this very statement from educators, parents, etc, is one of the greatest handicaps to your advancement on your spiritual path.

The Call of the Mystic: Part 3

The Call of the Mystic: Part 3 of the Talk Series. I have been a Prosperity Teacher for over 16-years, teaching the tools of the Law of Attraction, what we hold in thought, what we affirm to be, the vibration we hold around any certain circumstance or feeling we will attract back to us. Well this goes against the Mystic’s calling or does it? In this Sermon, I pick apart the truth between these two powerful paths and I will demonstrate how they are more alike than not alike.

The Call of the Mystic: Part 1

What is a Mystic? People say that a mystic is someone who dreams and who lives in the clouds; my answer to this is that the real mystic stands on earth, but his head is in heaven. It is not true that the wise man is not intellectual, or that the wise man is not clever. A clever man is not necessarily wise, but the one who has the higher knowledge has no difficulty in gaining knowledge of worldly things. It is the man who has knowledge of worldly things only who has great difficulty in absorbing the higher knowledge.

Let Go and Let God

When I returned from my travels this Summer, having had a much needed rest where I turned my phone off and unplugged from my busy career, from those I counsel as well as my friends – I turned towards my family, my children, my husband, my brothers, my parents seeking solace and peace from the ones I feel most seen and loved. 

Are You Ready to Live Your Hero’s Journey?

Are You Ready to Live Your Hero’s Journey? There is nothing that helps us grow like getting into an unfamiliar place, and being in a state of allowance for inspiration and vision of a brighter and better life. Where spiritual experiences find you, aha moments of the heart happen just when you are not expecting it. You might find you are more sensitive to everything around you, the smells, the sights and the sounds.

I Am Here as a Joyful Creator

“I Am Here as a Joyful Creator,” by Syntysche Groverland. Joy has an attracting quality. Find something you have joy about in your life and ponder and bask in that vibration today and watch how Spirit’s answers to your questions start to appear, through visions, whispers, intuitive hits in your heart. And continue and deepen this connection by listening to this sermon, for a heart lifting talk by Syntysche Groverland, our powerful in-house Prosperity Minister for the last 14 years.