Videos by Syntysche Groverland (Page 2)

Videos by Syntysche Groverland (Page 2)

“I Am The Door To Love Without Conditions” 9 AM service

9am MST Satsang Meditation ServiceLed by Syntysche GroverlandToday’s Talk: ‘I am the Door To Love Without Conditions’…a time of awe-inspiring truths for greater personal transformation and awakening for more peace, more understanding, more abundance, more healing and more forgiveness. Unity of Boulder is a non-profit church that relies solely on the donations of the people who make this ministry possible. We have many different ways you can give at Unity of Boulder.INFO: https://unityofboulder.com/donate/ Our Prayer Team is here for you…

‘Behold, I Make All Things New’

Spirit, has put a new song into our mouths, and we must sing it. The mountains and the hills break forth before us into singing, and we cannot resist. Praise is our ever new delight; let us meet the new year with optimism and new sight. In praise we will join with angels and archangels, for their guidance and their help.

‘The Miracle of Christmas’

“Now is the time…”   People thought Jesus didn’t respect the old law because He fulfilled it so easily, and Hi did such amazing things.  Sight was restored to the blind, hungry multitudes were miraculously fed, even the dead were brought back to life.  Everywhere He went He left a trail of puzzling miracles in His wake.

“The Freedom of a Forgiving Heart”

This talk is not only on forgiveness but also on building faith in this greater power we call Source, Spirit, God, so that we can start to attempt to let go of our judgments and upsets towards the world and give them to the higher creative energies to be returned to where they came from in the first place, (Illusion, Ego).


At Unity we are a community of spiritual seekers, that are discovering the deep mysteries of the Universe and as we awaken to this mystical life we are no longer thrown around by the ebb and flow of the outer world–we are deeply rooted in our Unity with the Creator and Sustainer of all life.

‘The Ego and the Present Moment’

Remember, Jesus said, “You are in the world, not of it!” The ego, without activating the GPS (God Positioning System), will get caught up in the dramas of the worldly and will tire and can lead to self-destructive behaviors.Claim your inner God given power to conquer the lower nature behaviors of self-destruction and let your inner God given power guide you onto the path of righteousness.

‘Our Vision For A New World!’

If there is anything that many of us have learned in this year of 2020, is that in a blink of an eye, everything can change and this time it wasn’t a personal experience, but a collective experience of change.

Awakening Your Inner Mystic

When I was a kid, I would go to the neighbor’s house, knock on the door and ask a friend, “Can you come out and play?”  If the answer was ‘yes’ then we would launch off into a new adventure of wonder and delight.   We lived in a neighborhood that was shaped like a horseshoe just up the street from Unity of Boulder and our neighborhood was filled with big overgrown trees, loving neighbors and lots of kids that…

Answering The Call

Calls, of course, beg the question “Who, or what, is calling?”  But in attempting to answer this question even an exhaustive list of every name for Soul or Destiny or God would be beside the point.. It simply doesn’t matter whether we call it God, the Patterning Intelligence, the Design Mind, the Unconscious, the Soul, or simply “Life’s longing for itself,” as Kahlil Gibran envisioned. Primarily this force announces the need for change, and the response for which it calls…

Fall Equinox Celebration service

This Native American influenced Ceremony promotes wellness by reflecting the indigenous conceptions of Great Spirit, Creator, Great Mystery and the Universe. The Ceremony will include prayer, chanting, drumming, sacred equinox songs, stories and the use of a variety of sacred object. We will come together to recapture in the hearts of all people and all our relations an appreciation for all life forms and the sacredness of all life. A coming together in harmony, forgiveness and love…A transitioning and moving…

Spiritual Encouragement

This talk is about maintaining balance while discovering insights into the gifts that are being birthed by all the turbulence that is happening in our world.  While staying deeply engaged with this moment, we are reminded…            “1. To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose                under the heaven: 2. A time to be born, and a time to die; a time                to plant, and a time to pluck up that…

Are You Content?

These are the words my husband asked me the other night out of nowhere. It’s amazing how a simple question can open the faucet and flood you with so many emotions. I didn’t answer, but the tears that filled my eyes said it all. Or did they? I know he wasn’t asking about our relationship because of the conversation we were having before this question. I sat with it. It was such an awe-inspiring question. I went back and forth with all…