Videos by Jack Groverland (Page 12)

Videos by Jack Groverland (Page 12)

Head Minister at Unity of Boulder Spiritual Center

Let There Be Light in You

In this sermon, “Let There Be Light in You,” I reveal Tolle’s truth and the simple practice that will make you free to live free and at peace.

The Holy Instant

The Life Transforming Power In the Holy Instant. A Sunday Talk by Jack Groverland. There is a tendency to think we are on our own when it comes to healing or even solving our personal problems. This limited idea comes to us from a society that either believes in a distant God, removed almost entirely from our world, or that we are all self-created and God doesn’t exist at all.

How to Trick the Law of Prosperity

In this sermon, titled “How to Trick the Law of Prosperity”, Jack Groverland explores the power of the imagination and the Law of Attraction. He also demonstrates how you can actually trick the Law of Attraction!

The Law of Attraction and the Shortcut to Prosperity

“The Law of Attraction and the Shortcut to Prosperity” by Jack Groverland. Esther and Jerry Hicks accessing (what they claim is) the non-physical consciousness called Abraham, explained that the two subjects most chronically affected by the Law of Attraction are financial and physical well-being.