“Light Healing Consciousness”

“Light Healing Consciousness”

In Eckhart Tolle’s book, ” A New Earth,” he sites the many historic accounts that declare the madness of Mankind.  Tolle claims that there is only one way to escape the madness  that seems to be increasing in our world.  Like many other Life-Masters, Tolle calls us to a higher dimension of awareness, where we enter the transcendent dimension of light-healing consciousness.   At Unity of Boulder’s 9AM MST Sunday Service we will contemplate Tolle’s Light-Healing revelations and see how they coincide with the teachings of TheBible and A Course In Miracles.  Join me this Sunday as we contemplate the journey to the Light Healing Consciousness.   We have safe, AMA approved UVC sanitized seating for those who attend in person. Please wear your mask and maintain 6 ft social distancing in consideration of others when moving about the building.  You may remove your mask when seated in the Sanctuary.    You may also tune into Unity of Boulder’s Live Stream at


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