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Just Do it For Dad!

June’s “Just Do it for Dad” campaign has begun! In this video, Cheryl A Lowitzer kicks off this month’s fundraiser to raise that last $10k we need to reach our goal!

Finding Peace in Las Vegas

Unity of Las Vegas is a spiritual oasis in the heart of Las Vegas. Their Sunday Services (9 & 11am) feature inspirational music, a practical message for spiritual living, youth education classes, as well as food and fellowship following the service.

Reverence, Even to a Body

I have been doing an immense amount of gardening this past week.  I couldn’t seem to get the thought out of my mind that I couldn’t be peaceful until the weeds and dead plant refuse were completely cleared.  I worked into the evening when I could no longer even see the weeds.  The pain in my body increased, but I chose to ignore it.  Cleaning up that garden was the goal!  Amidst this obsession,  I found myself looking at my…

Limited Belief Healed

Today, I was irritated that I was told by one of the staff members that it would be possible for us to meet any time between 10:30 and 2 PM.  I showed up shortly after 11 AM and the office was in a staff meeting.  I watched my complaint thoughts announcing I was being unfairly forced to wait for our appointment time together until that meeting was over.  I asked Holy Spirit, “What is the victim story I am telling…

Mother Sees Son Truly

Recently, I became aware that my 41-year old son, who has a long history of drug addiction, had relapsed.  I went home and sat with this information and asked myself, “Do I really need to be upset about this in my old, habitual way of playing out the role of the “burdened, guilty, anguished, worried Mom?” As I sat in silence and relaxed into my body and the Presence of Being, I realized that the energy and need to play…

An Unexpected Gift

An unexpected vacation to a tropical place is now in my future. I had the thought I would like to take a cruise to the Caribbean with my kids, but immediately put it out of my mind since I could see no logical way I could afford it.

Rise and Shine!

Every morning a good intestinal cleanser to keep your system working is to take an 8oz glass of medium hot, pure water, add the juice of 1/2 a lemon, squeeze it into the glass of water, add a little bit of maple syrup and a pinch of powdered cayenne pepper.

You Make a Difference When You Pray

Centering ourselves in God’s loving presence, one prayer at a time, one person at a time, we make a difference in the world. Praying is an honor and a joy, and a step toward peace as we bless all those for whom we pray.

Benefits of Group Meditation

The benefits of group meditation are many! If you are looking for a breakthrough in your personal development, your spiritual journey, your health, and your meditation practice, Group Meditation is one of the most powerful ways to do that. In a group setting, we tend to go deeper more quickly, and we tend to meditate longer. Also, we literally can meet on the same wavelength: recorded EEG results show that brainwaves synchronize while meditating!

How Does Tithing Prosper You?

How does tithing prosper you? One of the most effective Prosperity Principles, according to Catherine Ponder, is the principle of Tithing. She says that by giving one-tenth of your income to the organization that inspires you and nourishes you spiritually, you will be prospered – and all that you give will be returned to you ten-fold!

Prosperity Class 2015

Syntysche Groverland’s life-enhancing, consciousness raising class, “Prosperity Secrets of the Ages”, is now available online! The class will provide you with practical prosperity principles that WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. We won’t just be talking about these principles – we will be putting them to work. And, we will be affecting REAL,positive change – not only in our own lives, but potentially in the lives of those connected to us as well.

The Power of Affirmative Prayer

The memory that lifted me the most was my time spent in Silent Unity. I remember the building itself, the rich deep colored wood, the beautiful architecture and the holy chapel, but most of all, I remember the healing energy and power of affirmative prayer that surrounds the place.

Healing Remedies with Norma

We have Edgar Cayce remedies, including the castor oil packs in our Gift Shop at Unity of Boulder Spiritual Center if you would like to start using these remedies yourself! They really work!

Stillness Speaks

Join Syntysche Groverland this Sunday for an Inspirational talk titled “Stillness Speaks”. Within you lies your Divine Potential, never waning, regardless of the outer circumstances of your world. When you take the time each day to meditate and pray, you are silencing the whirlwind of the outer world and opening up to the still, powerful voice of Spirit.

So Many Faces of God

It’s not the beautiful building that declares the love of God at Unity… it’s the people. Thank you for your service, your generosity, your support of each other.