Have you found your community?

Have you found your community?

by Sierra Samuel

Have you found your community? What does it mean to have community?  Is it important to you to have friends in your life who you can rely upon and who you can even call family? If you don’t have a community who loves you, then you are missing out. 

Remember, you are not alone.  Though you may feel you are separate from the world and though you may be silently suffering, it doesn’t have to be that way.  If you are feeling depressed, or you are feeling regret, living in the past, or just ready to give up… the last thing you should do is keep it to yourself.  Your community is already waiting for you, but you need to take the first step.  

There are many ways to go about finding a community.  Find a small group, a church, attend a class, go on a group tour, or adventure…  however you think you can get around people with similar values as yourself, do that.  And, then, once you find that community, once you find those friends whom you can truly be yourself with and call family, take care of them.  Serve them, love them, be there for them.  For it is in giving that we receive.  It is in loving that we are blessed with abundant joy, peace, purpose and meaning in this life. 

There will be some whom you will have to let go, but let them go in love and not in abandonment.  Have faith in the higher power to work things out, both in you and in them.  Clinging to the good potential of those who may have hurt you is being a true friend. Letting them go, while, at the same time holding the space for them to return to sincerity… is what unconditional love is all about.   

Let us pray…

Lord, we ask that you heal our lives and show us the way to peaceful relations with our brothers and sisters.  Let us have compassion and empathy for each other.  Let us be considerate of others with our actions and our words.  Lord, we let your love prevail in us and through us, understanding that, even when darkness seems to prevail, it can only do so when we let it.    We invite your light to enter the dark spaces of our lives, and heal all that binds us, now… in this moment.  Let us be forgiven and let us forgive.  Let us always return to love, so that we may return to you God.  You are within us and are always giving us the wisdom we need if we would just listen.  Let us take that holy pause before we react, before we punish, before we blame and before we shut down.  In silence, we feel you and we know you, for we ARE YOU.  Let us be awakened to that oneness now.  Let the plan of light and love work in us, in our families, in our churches, in our communities, and in the world.  


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