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Miracles happen every day!  If you would like to share your personal experience of a miracle outcome that has happened in your life, whether it be a small miracle or big miracle, please submit a post to our miracle blog here!

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A Healing Miracle

My miracle healing process took place in Boston, Massachusetts on August 31, 2010. After years and years of illness and a chance meeting, a new friend was in Boston on a work trip. On this particular evening she wandered into the Old South Boston Church.

Reverence, Even to a Body

I have been doing an immense amount of gardening this past week.  I couldn’t seem to get the thought out of my mind that I couldn’t be peaceful until the weeds and dead plant refuse were completely cleared.  I worked into the evening when I could no longer even see the weeds.  The pain in my body increased, but I chose to ignore it.  Cleaning up that garden was the goal!  Amidst this obsession,  I found myself looking at my…

Limited Belief Healed

Today, I was irritated that I was told by one of the staff members that it would be possible for us to meet any time between 10:30 and 2 PM.  I showed up shortly after 11 AM and the office was in a staff meeting.  I watched my complaint thoughts announcing I was being unfairly forced to wait for our appointment time together until that meeting was over.  I asked Holy Spirit, “What is the victim story I am telling…

Mother Sees Son Truly

Recently, I became aware that my 41-year old son, who has a long history of drug addiction, had relapsed.  I went home and sat with this information and asked myself, “Do I really need to be upset about this in my old, habitual way of playing out the role of the “burdened, guilty, anguished, worried Mom?” As I sat in silence and relaxed into my body and the Presence of Being, I realized that the energy and need to play…

An Unexpected Gift

An unexpected vacation to a tropical place is now in my future. I had the thought I would like to take a cruise to the Caribbean with my kids, but immediately put it out of my mind since I could see no logical way I could afford it.