An Unexpected Gift

An Unexpected Gift

Question:  Which Methods Taught at Unity are You Putting to Practice?


  • Meditation
  • Tithing
  • Affirmations
  • Visualization
  • Prayer

Miracle Outcome:

An unexpected vacation to a tropical place is now in my future.  I had the thought I would like to take a cruise to the Caribbean with my kids, but immediately put it out of my mind since I could see no logical way I could afford it.  I did not express this desire to anyone, but within 24-hrs, I received an email from my mother saying that she wished to take a cruise to the Caribbean with me and my children, and that she was willing to get me an airline ticket to Miami where the ship would disembark.  I believed this desire for this trip was put in both of our hearts by God, so I agreed that we should somehow make this trip happen… and I decreed to my mother that it would happen. 

Within a week or so, my mother, my kids and I were all given airline tickets to Miami, at no cost to us, but as a gift from a wealthy friend of my mother’s.  With airline tickets provided for, I decided to go ahead and book the trip.  In faith, I paid the $500 deposit necessary to do so.  And, a day later this happened:

I was given $500 by my ex-husband and was told that I would be receiving this extra income monthly in addition to my child support since he had come into more prosperity in his own life and wished to share it with me and our children.

And, earlier that same day, I was told by my employer that they would be giving me one week paid vacation this year. 

In God’s own wonderful way, everything has been provided for me and my kids to take this trip, and I am grateful for such a miracle! 

I have decided to tithe 10% of this extra income I will be receiving monthly and I know that it will come back to me 10-fold!  For, everything and everybody prospers me, and I prosper everything and everybody!   As I give, I receive.  I know that I will never suffer from financial difficulties again, because I now know, practice and understand the law of prosperity.  


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