Unity of Boulder Spiritual Community

Rise and Shine!

master cleanserEvery morning a good intestinal cleanser to keep your system working is to take an 8oz glass of medium hot, pure water, add the juice of 1/2 a lemon, squeeze it into the glass of water, add a little bit of maple syrup and a pinch of powdered cayenne pepper.  If you drink this every morning you will start off your day right!  Try it and see the difference.  If you decide to do an eight day cleanse, purchase the book “The Master Cleanser” and drink and drink this drink all day for eight days.  Some people with serious conditions drink it up to 40 days.  There is more to the complete Master Cleanser, so purchase the book and do what it says.  

On trips, be sure to take lavender essential oil for headaches, cuts, bruising, burns, peppermint, indigestion, car sickness, airplane and boat motion sickness or upset stomach.  Come to my “Simple Healing Remedies” class the first Saturday in June, 2016, to learn how to live a life in control of your well being.