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This Week in Sunday School – 2/25/18

by Unity2014
Sunday School at Unity! 9am & 11am We at Unity believe that if we can help a child step onto the path of Self Realization at an early age, the foundation will be set for a brighter, happier future. _____________________________________________   Hello,    Your children are cordially invited to attend Sunday School at Unity!   […]

Meet Our New Minister, Shad Groverland!

by Unity2014
Meet Our New Minister, Shad Groverland! Coming this February, at Unity of Boulder Spiritual Center, Unity Minister, Shad Groverland, will be joining our team! Shad will be sharing the pulpit on Sundays, alternating with his father, Senior Minister, Jack Groverland, and his sister, Unity Minister, Syntysche Groverland.  (Check our monthly newsletter to see the schedule of who’s speaking each Sunday!)

This Week in Sunday School!

by Unity2014
February is here and with it our theme for the month; Love.  Love is big.  Love is unconditional.  Love is all.  Everything that’s good is from love and everything we see as an insurmountable “problem” is from lack of love.  What an honor it will be to teach our Sunday School children how accessible and precious love is.

“The Miracles of Christmas” Candlelight Services at Unity

by Unity2014
“The Miracles of Christmas” Candlelight Services at Unity. The musical drama “The Miracles of Christmas”, will be performed by our acclaimed Unity Choir, Soloists, and Band. The production relates the physical and metaphysical Truths of the Christmas Story.