Unity of Boulder Spiritual Community

Peaceful Action in Boulder this Friday Protesting North Dakota Access Pipeline


There will be a peaceful action this Friday from noon to 3pm, Friday the 10th at the U.S. Department of Commerce (Boulder Labs) headquarters at 325 South Broadway. 

This is a call to the Unity people and the Boulder Community who have been involved in the helping by giving items, food, etc for the people at Standing Rock and also to those who have gone up there to help.  This whole issue is about the sanctity of water given to us by the Creator.  The Standing Rock Sioux are protectors of the water in that area not only for themselves, but for all of Creation.  This issue is not a political issue, it is an issue about protecting the water, the earth, the air, for seven generations in the future, a statement that should be part of the oath our House of Representatives, Senators, and President takes when going into office.

Your Friend on the Path,

Norma Groverland

[ctt link=”MtR1L” template=”1″]Emergency NODAPL Action in Boulder this Friday 12:00pm https://ctt.ec/MtR1L+ #NoDapl #Boulder #WaterisLife #standwithstandingrock[/ctt]