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Daily Affirmations for Lent

Lent is the name given to a period of fasting and abstinence in traditional Christian Churches – specifically, the 40 days (plus six Sundays) between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday.  The word Lent comes from the Anglo-Saxon word for spring, which in turn is derived from the Germanic root for long – referencing the fact that in the spring, the days become longer. 

Like spring, Lent is a time of rebirth.  It is a time for spiritual transformation.  We “fast” from negative thoughts or behaviors that create a sense of separation from God or from our own authentic selves.  We realign with Christ Consciousness through prayer, meditation, and quiet reflection.  Through our Lenten journey, we release our old way of being and step into new, expanded life.  

This Lenten season, may you “be transformed by the renewing of your mind!”

With love on your spiritual journey,

Your Friends in Unity

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Daily Inspirations for Lent

Day 1 (March 1st)

Denial: This thought holds no power over me.  I release it and I let it go.  

Day 2

Affirmation: I am a powerful, creative, spiritual being!

Day 3

God: God is my help in every need.  

Day 4

I Am: I AM an unlimited spiritual Being, expressing in life as a divine creation of God. 

Day 5

The Altar: God is always with us.  

Day 6

Faith: With faith, I know my dreams and visions are more than possible.  

Day 7

Strength: Centered in the power and presence of God within me, I am strong and courageous.  I go forth to do what is mine to do.  

Day 8

Wisdom: Divine wisdom within illumines my way. 

Day 9

Love: Divine love is my true nature.  Love flows through every cell of my being.  

Day 10

Power: I step into spiritual power today.  My I AM claims dominion over that which I no longer want to experience or entertain.  

Day 11

Understanding: I AM open to deeper understanding of the Spirit of Truth within all people.

Day 12

Will: The Will of God directs, guides, and expresses through me and as me.    

Day 13

Order: I affirm that the Christ within is working always, and I live from a consciousness of divine order.  

Day 14

Zeal: I am filled with eagerness, energy, and devotion.   I am filled with zeal!

Day 15

Elimination: Today I appreciate the flow of life in my consciousness.  I dissolve all resistance as outdated beliefs and fears disappear and are replaced by new ideas and deeper understanding.  

Day 16

Life: I am the God seed for life and love.  

Day 17

Jesus Christ: I renew the ageless power of Jesus Christ, my soul shepherd, to open my heart and awaken my consciousness.   

Day 18

Spiritual Evolution: I grow into my highest good as I let go and let God.  

Day 19

Surrender: I surrender to the guidance of Spirit in all aspects of my life.


Day 20

Wholeness: I focus on love and experience “the pure essence of Being that binds together the whole human family.” 

Day 21

Grace: I open my heart and mind to the unending grace of God alive in me, sustaining me, and expressing as me.

Day 22 

Perspective: I always have the choice to change my perspective.

Day 23

Consciousness: As I release negative thoughts and focus on positive, loving, and healing thoughts, I open to new possibilities for spiritual growth. 

Day 24

Spiritual Healing: Through deep faith and receptivity, I am healed to my natural state of wholeness.  

Day 25

Nonresistance: As I surrender my will to the One Will, I am guided by divine wisdom. 

Day 26

The Kingdom of Heaven: I release all distractions to my spiritual awakening.  I am ready to live in the kingdom of heaven. 

Day 27

God as Principle: I AM a child of God, and every moment his life, love, wisdom, 

Day 28

Miracles: By operation of a higher law, I am a miracle of radiant love and light.  With eyes to see and ears to hear, I attune to the ceaseless miracles around and within me.

Day 29

Patience: I am patience, flowing in the perfect rhythm of God’s time.

Day 30

Discernment:  I recognize the spiritual energy expressing through every choice I make.

Day 31

Germination:  I spring forth in God’s goodness.

Day 32

Atonement:  I center in the awareness of oneness and rise from the web of self into the oneness consciousness of true self.

Day 33

Transfiguration:  I radiate from the light of God as the truth of my being.

Day 34

Transmutation:  God’s eternal love and wisdom transmute my entire being into an expression of pure Spirit.

Day 35

Transcendence:  When I am fully human, I express my divinity as love, compassion, kindness and joy.

Day 36

Forgiveness:  I free myself by processing my feelings and forgiving myself and others–and I am transformed.

Day 37

Communion:  As I remember who I am, I invite a full awareness of Christ into my body experience.

Day 38

Gethsemane:  In the quiet moments of everyday life, I find the place of grace where new life is born.

Day 39

Resurrection:  My resurrection experiences lead me to manifest more of the Christ within.

Day 40

Completion:  We are filled with Spirit as we complete the Lenten journey.