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Prosperity Talks at Unity

A New Talk Series is here! In the month of May, Jack Groverland and Syntysche Groverland will be focusing on the REAL Law of Attraction with their new series “The Heart of Prosperity”. You don’t want to miss even one Sunday in this series…these prosperity principles transform lives!

How Does Tithing Prosper You?

How does tithing prosper you? One of the most effective Prosperity Principles, according to Catherine Ponder, is the principle of Tithing. She says that by giving one-tenth of your income to the organization that inspires you and nourishes you spiritually, you will be prospered – and all that you give will be returned to you ten-fold!

Change Your Mind And Change Your Life

Change your mind and change your life. What you are presently, in your awareness, saying the truth is, is what you are experiencing the truth to be. That is all you can be experiencing the truth to be.