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The Wisdom of the Shamans with don Jose Ruiz

The Wisdom of the Shamans with don Jose Ruiz. In this powerful one-night event, don José Ruiz, shaman and co-author of The Fifth Agreement (which he wrote with his father, don Miguel Ruiz), nwill share with us the magic behind this essential spiritual tool and teach you how to implement it in your daily life, as well as explain how all of the Toltec agreements are grounded in the wisdom of his family’s shamanic tradition.

Life After 7PM Workshop

Life After 7PM Workshop. Damiana teaches a holistic approach to healing your sleep, focusing on better restful sleep, stress management and the habits of negative thinking. Learn practical tools for coping with insomnia, sleep apnia, restless leg syndrome and other sleep disorders. Explore sleep hygiene, acupressure techniques, personal diet, exercise and more!

I Am Worthy Workshop

“I Am Worthy” is a Workshop led by the Youth of Unity (Y.O.U.). What do you love about yourself? Is that a difficult question to answer Explore the barriers that prevent you from loving yourself unconditionally.

The Journey Healing Workshop

The Journey Healing Workshop is an intensive 2 hour voyage inward. Students will be taken to the unhealed places within, Physical, Mental or Spiritual…

Workshop with Ed Shapiro

Workshop with Ed Shapiro. Discover how mindfulness and meditation can transform your life from the inside out. Entering into such a space with others can be profoundly transformative, as we explore together in a caring and supportive environment.

Workshop with don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

Living the Four Agreements Workshop with don Miguel Ruiz Jr. An Invitation to Self Mastery. Friday, July 21st. 7-9pm ~ doors open at 6pm

Write Your Healing Memoir Workshop

“Write Your Healing Memoir” Workshop with Sue Frederick. This Workshop is designed to help you dig deep into your raw jagged pain stories and write them to the bone so that we can see that we’re all on the same journey of evolution; all of us facing extraordinary challenges and carrying amazing gifts for the world.

Emotional Freedom Technique Class

The Emotional Freedom Technique Class is facilitated by Reiki Master and intuitive healer, Attuwab. During this Course we will Learn how to pull in the Universal Life Force for self healing and focus our cosmic energy. We’ll learn a technique to release emotional blockages; such as grief, anger, trauma, insecurities and anxiety in order to enhance performance, abundance and baland in our lives and enjoy the freedom of being.

Spring Foward Movement Workshop

The “Spring Forward” Movement Workshop will allow you to experience your wisdom, strength and creative inspiration and give you ongoing, practical tools to embody and integrate these traits into your daily life. Through a unique format that integrates the power of intention with movement, music and guided visualization, you will spring forward into a new sense of Self, direction and purpose in a joyful and playfully safe environment.