How Does Tithing Prosper You?

How Does Tithing Prosper You?

Form a  vacuum to receive

One of the most effective Prosperity Principles, according to Catherine Ponder, is the principle of Tithing. She says that by giving one-tenth of your income to the organization that inspires you and nourishes you spiritually, you will be prospered – and all that you give will be returned to you ten-fold! But, you must believe that it will be returned to you. Do not give and expect nothing from it, because if that is what you believe, that is what will happen. Instead, give, and affirm and know that your money will be returned to you ten-fold! Say the affirmation “I give joyfully and I receive abundantly!”

Minister Jack Groverland recommends that if you are uncomfortable tithing ten-percent, try starting smaller… perhaps five-percent, or maybe give a portion of your income after taxes and expenses. Then, as you start to see the power of this prosperity principle… you can increase that portion and stretch your belief even further.

Now, we are coming upon the end of the tax year, so if you think you will owe taxes this year, remember that you have a choice: you can either pay the money in taxes, or you can make a tax-deductible, charitable donation to your church instead!

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And, may you be prosperous in all that you do!!!


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