Benefits of Group Meditation

Benefits of Group Meditation

The benefits of group meditation are many!  If you are looking for a breakthrough in your personal development, your spiritual journey, your health, and your meditation practice, Group Meditation is one of the most powerful ways to do that.  In a group setting, we tend to go deeper more quickly, and we tend to meditate longer.  Also, we literally can meet on the same wavelength: recorded EEG results show that brainwaves synchronize while meditating!   

Studies have shown that, among other benefits, meditation can help reverse heart disease.  It can reduce pain and enhance the body’s immune system, enabling it to better fight disease.  Group meditation can even lower crime rates (see “Maharishi effect”).  Meditation also helps people better relate to one another as it can make people less angry, more self-reflective and more loving.  The effects are far reaching, life changing, world healing, and consciousness evolving.

That is why Unity of Boulder Spiritual Center has been hosting this weekly group meditation since 1978.  It is no wonder people say that stepping into Unity’s Sanctuary and Meditation Room gives them an instant feeling of peace, balance and harmony.  We look forward to meeting you and experiencing oneness, peace and healing together! 

Every Wednesday at 7pm.

Free childcare provided.

For more information, please call 303-442-1411. 


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