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We are All Brothers and Sisters in the Family of God

by Jack Groverland
We are All Brothers and Sisters in the Family of God. We all share the breath of life. And, we all share in each other’s suffering. Let us all pray for the victims of the earthquakes in Mexico City and the hurricanes in the Caribbean. Let us give as we can to help our brothers and sisters so that they may have what they need to survive in this time of crisis.

Miracles Made Easy

by Jack Groverland
A Course in Miracles is not a joyride to enlightenment. ACIM teaches us that miracles are merely the translation of denial into truth.

Change Your Mind And Change Your Life

by Jack Groverland
Change your mind and change your life. What you are presently, in your awareness, saying the truth is, is what you are experiencing the truth to be. That is all you can be experiencing the truth to be.

The Lost Years of Jesus

by Jack Groverland
  The Gospels record Jesus age twelve in the temple.  Then about age thirty at the river Jordan.  That leaves approximately seventeen years unaccounted for.  During those so-called lost years, the child “increased in wisdom and stature,” as Luke wrote.  But was it in the carpenter shop at Nazareth?  According to ancient Tibetan manuscripts, Jesus […]

Defining the Tao

by Jack Groverland
Defining the Tao One of the most important spiritual works of all time is the “Tao Te Ching”, written by Chinese Master Lao Tzu.  All the information about this ancient Master (551-479 B.C.E.) is highly suspect. Even the meaning of his name is uncertain (the most likely interpretation “the Old Master). The only tangible evidence […]