The Gospels record Jesus age twelve in the temple.  Then about age thirty at the river Jordan.  That leaves approximately seventeen years unaccounted for. 

During those so-called lost years, the child “increased in wisdom and stature,” as Luke wrote.  But was it in the carpenter shop at Nazareth? 

According to ancient Tibetan manuscripts, Jesus secretly withdrew from the home of Mary and Joseph at age thirteen. Young “Issa” joined a merchant caravan.  Destination: India and the Himalayas. 

At Juggernaut, “the white priests of Brahma made him a joyous welcome.  They taught him to read and understand the Vedas, to cure by aid of prayer, to teach, to explain the Holy Scriptures to the peoples, and to drive out evil spirits from the bodies of people.” 

  • Buddhist scholars documented “The Life of Saint Issa” two thousand years ago.
  • Nicolas Notovitch discovered the long-lost document in 1887 at the Himis Monastery in 1929.
  • Swami Abhedananda published a Bengali translation of the Himis manuscript in 1929.
  • Nicholas Roerich quoted the same verses in a 1929 travel diary of his Asian expedition.
  • And in 1939, a beaming lama at Himis presented a set of parchments to Elizabeth Caspari with the words: “These manuscripts say your Jesus was here!”

 “The Lost Years of Jesus” is being produced as a musical drama (from the Tibetan manuscripts) at the Unity of Boulder Spiritual Center. 


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