Unity of Boulder Spiritual Community

Why Santa Loves Unity of Boulder


In 2010, Unity members set a goal to raise the money necessary to incorporate solar energy into their overall energy use. Along with this, Unity pursued changing all of their light bulbs to energy efficient light bulbs and they switched to using recyclable and compostable products in order to cut down on landfills.  Also, Unity researched ways to conserve on the use of water, which led to a turning down of the water pressure in certain areas, water-less urinals, and water-efficient flush toilets. 

Unity’s goal in all of this, has less to do with saving money than it does with a strong commitment to sustainability for the benefit of the planet. This is the result of Unity’s spiritual philosophy, which acknowledges that God, the divine creative presence that gives life to everything, is also one with the Planet Earth that gives life to ourselves, the human race.

Thank you, Unity Members, for making our church one of the most environmentally friendly churches in the country!  It is  no wonder why Santa Loves Unity of Boulder!

For more information about how you can get involved at Unity of Boulder Spiritual Center, email us at info@unityofboulder.com, or call 303-442-1411.

We appreciate your donations!  

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