This Sunday at Unity “The One Minute Meditation That Shifts the Mind Into Enlightenment”

This Sunday at Unity “The One Minute Meditation That Shifts the Mind Into Enlightenment”

This Sunday at Unity of Boulder Spiritual Center!

“The One Minute Meditation that Shifts the Mind Into Enlightenment,” by Jack Groverland.

Why are people’s minds so taken in by insane acts of violence in the world? Because most people haven’t made up their minds in advance as to what they want, drama or peace.

The conscious mind is like an untrained dog that doesn’t listen to the Master’s voice. Such a dog going down the street will jump into spilled garbage, chase a cat into traffic, crap on someone’s flower bed, pee on a homeless person lying in a doorway – thus brining trouble into the world and unto himself. Like this untrained dog, the mind not aligned with the Master’s voice, just drifts in and out of one catchy drama after another, drawn to smelly gossip and spewing it back out all along the way – chasing fire engines, and all the time, missing the joy of serving love, hearing love, seeing love, and living the vision of love.

On Sunday, both at the 9:00 A.M. Sunday Spiritual Service and the 11:00 A.M. Sunday Spiritual Service, I will reveal a one-minute meditation that instantly raises the mind into the enlightened vision above the insanity and terror of the “make-believe” world.

As promised,
Jack Groverland

The 9:00 A.M. Service this Sunday is formatted for Meditation, with the singing Tibetan Bowls, some chanting, a short instruction on topic, and a concluding spiritual video. The 11:00 A.M. Service will also include instructions on topic, singing, special music and a short meditation. Bring a friend! See you there.


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