If you want to experience a perfect “now” moment, roll your car over at 20 miles per hour.  That’s what I did on the afternoon of June 13, 2015.  Of course, I didn’t roll it on purpose, and at 70 mph it didn’t roll once, but three times.  Still, the effect throughout was a perfect “now” experience.  Prior to the rolling, I instinctively was involved in trying to steer clear of the other cars on the highway.  But, once the car flipped, the mind conceded any attempt to control anything – game over. 

Now, I believe my mind just dropped all personal, ego-centered identification and merged with the Omnipresent Being, or God if you will.  If there was any self-consciousness at all, it was simply an observer. 

Often when people survive a death-defying experience they will say “Time stood still”, or “Time stopped” – which for me was just the absence of any conjecturing from a time-space perspective.  In such a state, there is no past and no future, and therefore no evaluation of the present moment in relationship to any past moment or any future possibility. 

The most interesting part of all this is that this state of “just being” is exactly the same as the state we enter in high meditation, except in meditation, you’re not incontinent.  Ok, I’m joking about the incontinent part.

You can hear the rest of the story as I related it in my Sunday talk here.