Mother Sees Son Truly

Mother Sees Son Truly

Recently, I became aware that my 41-year old son, who has a long history of drug addiction, had relapsed.  I went home and sat with this information and asked myself, “Do I really need to be upset about this in my old, habitual way of playing out the role of the “burdened, guilty, anguished, worried Mom?”

As I sat in silence and relaxed into my body and the Presence of Being, I realized that the energy and need to play out that role actually disappeared.  I found a new freedom to relate to my son honestly and directly about the situation.  I sent him a text message that said,

“I don’t feel worried about you as in the past.  I see a decade of recovery with expected relapses.  Sobriety/clarity is not a constant in anyone ‘s life.  It would be great to see you.  Let’s have dinner soon.”

He responded with, “Yeah, and good news.  I scheduled an appointment with a counselor near my house.  Maybe dinner this weekend.”

All this speaks of a kind of miracle for a family with generations of alcoholism and to the truth that “love is truly letting go of fear.”  A Course in Miracles is one of the teachings that ha supported my personal growth and I am very grateful to the teachers and fellow students here at Unity for this opportunity.

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  1. Lorri Park

    This story has been extremely helpful to me. I have experienced the same habitual patterns in my own “mothering” of my adult son. Although, substance abuse has not been his pattern that caused me to be ” burdened, guilty, anguished,” etc. I have with futility tried too many times to try to CORRECT him.
    Now, I find myself asking to see him differently and communicating with him more in ways that validate his divine identity (although I don’t use spiritual terms or language to do so).

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