Limited Belief Healed

Limited Belief Healed

Today, I was irritated that I was told by one of the staff members that it would be possible for us to meet any time between 10:30 and 2 PM.  I showed up shortly after 11 AM and the office was in a staff meeting.  I watched my complaint thoughts announcing I was being unfairly forced to wait for our appointment time together until that meeting was over. 

I asked Holy Spirit, “What is the victim story I am telling myself?  How do I truly let this error go?”  “What  is my belief?”

Here is what thoughts emerged:

I believe the administrative processes of this entity aren’t always very respectful toward the time and efforts of its volunteers.  Communications are frequently in the form of mixed or contradictory messages.  I also believe this association can hide behind and make the  excuse, as we all do from time to time, that we are just SO busy and short-staffed.

Yet, I prayed for a healed mind.  I heard Spirit tell me this, “You can choose what you believe.”  Then, I decided I’d rather let this experience teach me what I was believing and whether I wanted that belief.  I chose to forgive (look beyond the errors) because I wanted validation that nothing in this “script” is outside of the Holy Spirit’s ability to help me see this with compassion and blessing.

Should I call this a miracle?  Maybe not, but it is definitely making me more happy and peaceful. The irritation, like the heavy fog of my judgments, is dissolving… on behalf of more light.   


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  1. Sierra Samuel

    I love this! Yes, we can sometimes take things personally or blame a person when the situation could be totally out of their control. Asking God to uplift and transform our perspective is a great way to overcome thoughts which lead to negative emotions and possibly a negative outcome. When we surrender our judgment, we allow God to move in our lives and create the best possible outcome for all who are involved. This is when the miracle happens!

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