Unity of Boulder Spiritual Community

A Healing Miracle

My miracle healing process took place in Boston, Massachusetts on August 31, 2010.  After years and years of illness and a chance meeting, a new friend was in Boston on a work trip.  On this particular evening, she wandered into the Old South Boston Church.  After a short meditation she was about to leave and on the way out the door, she noticed a prayer box.  There were squares of paper and short golf pencil.  She wrote the following simple prayer, “I pray for a new heart for my friend Anne.” 

In that hour, several hundred miles away, my telephone rang – it was my transplant hospital.  In the previous two weeks the hospital had said that I could not be listed for a heart transplant because I did not have adequate support.  After my friend and my fellowship spoke up on my behalf, I was listed for a new heart just 5 days later.  And, just 5 days after that, on August 31, 2010, I received a new heart.

Is this the result of a prayer box?  I can’t say for certain, but I believe that God’s hand was the guiding force in the gift of my life – in the gift of every additional day of my life.